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If you are planning to buy spray foam insulation then before that you should know some detailed information related to the foam. Spray foam insulation is the latest and best options available in the market for home insulation. It is quite easy to use. Hence, a number of people nowadays are opting for spray foam insulation that comes with a number of benefits.

While planning to build your home, insulation is an essential thing that you should do in your house. However, buying insulation is not an easy task. You need to note down some things that include certain information and facts, which is not an easy task. Hence, it becomes very important to get some information about the product before buying this product for you to avoid any wrong selection.

Spray foam insulation is a synthetic material that is made from a combination of inorganic and organic materials amid chemicals altogether. The combination of organic resin isocyanate and polyol is the form of material that is made under specific pressure and temperature conditions to obtain polyurethane material by the chemical reaction. This organic material has a unique method of expanding on its own for creating larger volume, i.e. around 100 times to the original volume.

When this foam gets applied in space, it becomes eventually harder and stiffer to make the thermal cover. It is a very effective method for creating a barrier to offering insulation to your home’s wall. It also makes air flow barrier to spray foam insulation that gets applied to the concrete gaps, wall cavities, dry walls and sheathing interior. This foam insulation takes up the mold that prevents such conditions from occurring inside the home. Hence, it keeps you away from the tension of changing the walls again and again. It also helps in strengthening the home foundation that is one practical method of making a sturdy home. However, the best feature of foam insulation is the ability of the product for home insulation during acute seasons such as summer or winter.

This is one reason most of the people are opting for the spray foam insulation as the added feature of their home. R-value represents the thermal resistance of the material. Hence, more resistant material, higher R-value is, a higher amount of resistant it offers to home. It also saves energy consumption, as it reduces consumption of heating devices in winter and air cooling device in summers.


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Spray Foam Distributors by Profoam.Com Scale the Heights

Profoam is a spray foam rigs company owned by Ted Medford. The company boasts of an impressive and successful experience in the spray foam industry spanning over 20 years. Spray foam distributors by sprayfoam.com now deals in both spray foam equipment and spray foam supply. Spray foam distributors now boast of over 500 rigs that are built with specific design attributes focused on spray foam needs.

Redefining Spray Foam Rigs and Manufacturers

This term is a shortened version of spray polyurethane; commonly referred to as just SPF. It is a plastic spray application that forms a seamless insulation and air seals on walls, contoured surfaces and even roofs. Generally Spray foam is made by mixing several liquids and reacting them.

Main Spray foam activities at a glance

The company specializes in the development of natural polymers to spray foam contractors who are registered. Furthermore, you get your SPF materials at a much reasonable price that is often between 10 to 20 % Lower that what others charge you. Some of the driving principles that spray foam hold close to their business operations include

• the best product quality
• advice for customers when needed
• an unbeatable pricing regime
• provides warrantees plus shipping possibilities
• developing greater corporate marketing openings
• Have developed a success training program for staff and clients.
• Innovative application of technology blended with creativity and a keener eye for what works and what does not.

spray foam trailersThe harsh reality that all companies, including spray foam distributors by profoam .com must device and operationalize a program that is customer focused cannot be wished away. The sooner you begin to adjust to these forthcoming realities the better the chance of succeeding. Spray Foam Distributors by Profoam.Com saw the opportunity in offering better service and moved to make sure that they present you with the best. Modern day business requires a proactive assessment of the way distribution connects with the rest of the players in the course of delivery of products and services. Spray Foam Distributors by Profoam.Com has been at the forefront in laying the necessary infrastructure for a worldwide distribution network. The latter is necessity for any business to feel the safe and interconnected. The distribution model of the modern trader is such that they arte gradually moving from the traditional approaches. Spray Foam Distributors by Profoam.Com ensures that if you have goods that you need delivered, you only need to provide your working address.

What’s Different with Spray Foam Trailers

The company is focused on providing quality service and products at competitive price. Although there are many SPF manufacturers who have joined the field to make the fastest buck they can, but you can count on Spray foam distributors to hold on to the values that mater.

• Mobile spray rigs
• These are used to insulate foam, roofing and coatings.
• The Spray Foam Roofing and Insulation Materials
• You get access to closed cell insulation, coatings roofing and polyurea packs.
• The Equipment

The company has set modalities that ensure that the distribution chain remains robust. From this company, you can order for all proportioning machines, aux equipment and heated horses. Spray Foam Distributors by Profoam.Com is your reliable customizable spray foam product and services firm for a spray foam rig, trailer or mobile trucks.

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Spray foam insulation gets considered as the best method for energy conservation in homes. Here we will discuss few of the basics of the spray foam insulation kit.


In America about 70% of house energy bills due to heating. However, this is also true that huge amount of energy gets wasted through attics, basements windows or walls, and cracks in ceilings. Hence, insulation makes a huge difference in cooling and heating of your home much cost effective.

Spray foam insulation kits are getting very popular in the green building projects, new constructions and replacing fiberglass during renovations. Nontoxic and safe, foam meets specifications and needs as it easily expands for filling the cracks, in hard insulated areas too along with pipes and electrical outlets. Spray foam insulation helps in reducing the wastage of energy, noise, air leaks, drafts, and pollution. By dropping air, leakage foam reduces moisture in ceilings and walls, blocking mold growth.

Although spray foam is a bit expensive for installation, unless you get a kit of spray foam insulation. Still, spray foam is much affordable as compared to the fiberglass for the long run as it helps in cutting energy bills by 30%. After insulating homes with the spray foam, it is much comfortable and quieter. The polyurethane foam is best to use and offers higher R-value as compared to other forms of insulations.

One can get the do it yourself energy efficient kit of home insulation for just $1,369. It offers around 1000 sqft + 20% recommended coverage. Each of them consists of garden hose seeking gun and 15feet of the hose. Insulating and sealing your home is easy as sprinkling water in your lawn. The instructions as well as the helpful tips are quite easy to read and understand. With the insulation kit, you also get tips for spray fan, nozzles, Tyvek suits, goggles, and gloves.

Details instructions about the use of foam insulation kit:

  • Put your gloves, goggles and suitable dress. Set the valve to the tanks facing upside and then open the carton top. Now take gun hose assembly and applicator to connect them properly. Now you can open the valve on every tank. You should be assured that you have opened the tank
  • By using gun applicator towards waste container squeeze trigger all around. You should be assured that both strong streams spray out gun applicator. You can opt for a disposable nozzle for mixing and line up slots on nozzles with a notch on gun applicator barrel. Properly press the trigger and be assured that chemicals are properly mixed.
  • The foam that comes out are off-white in color and should cure tack free area with 45 seconds. If the color is different in color, then check both the nosels and shake the tank properly. If the foam is still not coming incorrect color, then you should contact the supplier.

The kit of spray foam insulation are best for the renovation, and new constructions after electrical and plumbing work have been completed. The process can be difficult if the building and walls are complete.

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